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Designing an apartment is a very pleasant challenge for us and primarily because we design the whole concept and merge it into one complex. Therefore, we always prefer to have consultations with the whole family, where your opinion and the overall profile is needed. We like to reflect on existing elements which are part of you and integrate them into the new design. The room of each family member is identical and individual, but at the same time, it should belong to one whole. We constantly consult with our clients from very beginning up to the final result of the design as we want from you be part of the process. We inspect the fit-out process until the last end.

1-floor house

Creative living

2-rooms flat

Cozy living

1-rooms flat

Minimalistic solution


Minimalistic solution


Space for light

Practical house/cottage

Low-energy house with cozy working space. Disposition of house and its size. The size can be changed according to your requirements and creativity.